Vehicle History
BudgetGPS allows users to track vehicle history. By selecting a time period and vehicle ID, the user can see a detailed 'breadcrumb' history of the vehicles route.

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20 Second Updates

Units report every 20 seconds when moving
giving you an accurate location of your Driver.

See a complete history of your Driver's activity, including Date, Stopped Time, Speed & Direction.

Know where your Drivers have been.

View Real-Time traffic from Google.
GeoFence & Speed Alerts

Be alerted everytime a Driver
exceeds a speed or enters or exits an area.

Receive alerts via Email or Text Message.
State Mileage Report

See a breakdown by Truck
by State of how many miles traveled.
Idle Report

Know when your Drivers are Idling and not working.
Ignition Report

See when your Trucks are turned On and Off.
Stops Report

Find out when your Drivers are Stopped.
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