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BudgetGPS offers an inexpensive and rugged truck mounted hardware solution with a low monthly service fee.

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BudgetGPS offers a unique approach to saving association members money.  We have a program which allows your members to save money on either the monthly service plan or the pre-pay plan and we even have ways to generate revenue for the association based on sales to their members.

We can help your association by offering:

  • Discounts for your members on BudgetGPS services
  • Revenue based on sales to your members
  • Combination programs that allow member discounts and a revenue stream
  • Text for a BudgetGPS web page
  • Customized discount calculator for your association

We can help your members by offering:

  • Quality GPS services from BudgetGPS at a reduced price
  • Discounts available on monthly service or annual pre-paid service

If you think your association can benefit from BudgetGPS, we would be happy to help you setup an association offering that would save your members money and potentially offer money back to the association as well.

To inquire about association benefits, please e-mail

BudgetGPS utilizes quality truck mounted hardware
at a reasonable price.
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